You may have heard that when you replace your garage door you can increase the value of your home. It can help with your safety and security. There is also its functional importance. You rely on it more times than you realize, using your garage door more than 1,000 times per year. Checking it monthly can help you monitor its condition. And when it is time, Doors By Mike can perform repairs or replace it.

How do you know when it is time to replace it?

Regular usage can add a lot of wear and tear on the door and its opener. Like anything that wears, it can begin to malfunction more frequently and become damaged. And if you are in a climate that has hail or heavy storms, it might show dings and dents. These are just a few reasons to replace your garage door. It’s time to replace it when:

It repeatedly breaks down.

There is a time when it makes practical sense to replace your garage door and opener instead of constantly doing repairs. Economically, the cost to replace it will become less than the cost of continuous repairs. And face it, every time your door becomes unreliable, you have to deal with the stress of it not working and the time out of your busy schedule to get it repaired. Also, when Doors By Mike installs a new garage door it will require less maintenance and give you peace of mind.

You have safety and security concerns.

When you find yourself regularly hearing unpleasant noises coming from your garage door, you know something is not quite right. It might only be service it needs. But there is the possibility it is missing safety features. Or you might have a problem with it opening and closing unexpectedly. If you have young children you need to take caution that they don’t get injured or get outside unsupervised. And when the door doesn’t close properly or only closes part way, your home becomes vulnerable to theft. When you door poses safety and security risks, it is often best to replace the operator and/or the door.

You need better insulation.

Even if the door operates properly, older doors don’t have the insulation quality of newer doors. By getting a door with a high insulation rating, you add more utility to your garage. Better insulation can help save on your heating and cooling costs besides providing more comfort if you use it as a work space or play area. In addition, any items you store in a garage with better insulation are less susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions.

It lacks upgrades and features.

There are many new garage doors and openers with technological features that can increase your home value and increase its safety and security. Newer operators are made to produce less noise. They have remote features to alert you when your door opens or closes. Many of the remote features allow you to monitor and perform operations from your smartphone device. Another great feature is a backup battery system that will activate if you lose power.

It’s old and not what you want.

More people are noticing the details of the overall home and an archaic garage door often is plain, boring, and not in style with the home’s architectural features. It’s big, so it stands out. And if your garage door has dents and dings then it can be unsightly. Even small dents can be an unpleasant sight every time you come and go. When you replace your garage door with a newer model, you have more options in modern design styles, window styles, finishes, and colors.

Replacing your garage door can have a significant impact in how you, your neighbors and potential buyers view your home’s curb appeal. It can provide the benefits of added safety, security, and convenience. Find out more by contacting Doors By Mike at 770-922-5207. We can help you find the best garage door for your home with the benefits that match your needs.