Doors by Mike wants to know: Are you ready to take control of your bedroom closet and become better organized? You might have wrinkled clothes in a pile that need to be washed or ironed. Shoes might be scattered around that are overtaking the closet space. Wouldn’t it be nice to organize your items on shelves and in modular cubes instead of stepping over obstacles? How about reducing the overcrowded clothes hanging from the rods?

Doors by Mike installs customized storage units that can help you get organized and keep clutter minimized. With customized storage units, your closet will be transformed into an efficient, well-managed space.

Here are 7 ways Doors by Mike can suggest to help you get ready to clean out and organize your closet:

1. To begin, you will want to assess what you have and think about how you can organize items into sections. There are a number of ways to sort items. One way is to base your organization on divisions such as by pants, skirts, shirts, jeans, etc. Other ways to organize are by color or by matching several items together that can create a few outfits.

2. When planning your new closet space, simpler is better.

    • Reduce clutter by using closed storage containers (baskets, boxes or bins) or drawers to store smaller, similar objects. Add tags or labels on each container in locations that you can see without having to pick them up. Closed storage will also help to reduce dust.
    • Use stackable bins or install shelves and modular cubes to store containers for easier accessibility. That way you don’t have to move everything to get to a box on the bottom.
    • Don’t hang every article of clothing. Hang only what is necessary to hang. If items can be folded or rolled, sort them in piles that can be placed on shelves, in modular cubes, or in drawers. Add hooks for hats, belts, purses, and other accessories.

4. Talk with a professional such as Doors by Mike to design and install a customized storage unit that fits your needs. By installing custom closet units, you can keep everything organized with the right combination of hanging rods, shelves, and cube organizers.

5. When you are ready to start, take everything out. If you don’t remove it all you will most likely move around items in your closet that you no longer need. These are items of clothes that were impulse purchases, incorrect sizes, outdated, stained, etc.

6. Toss what doesn’t fit you anymore and what you don’t need or want. Donate lightly used items. Keep the few items that you wear regularly and a couple of special occasion outfits that are timeless.

7. Put less used items out of the way. Bulkier items that you don’t plan to regularly use can go in the back while lighter, less used items can be placed in higher areas.

8. Relocate boxes of documents and other miscellaneous storage. These don’t belong next to your shoes and clothes and they don’t need to be cluttering your everyday closet space. Try to find another storage location (think under the bed or attic storage).

It is easier to organize your closet when you have a plan with the appropriate design to fit your needs. When you are ready to design a customized unit, contact Doors by Mike. We install ClosetMaid and Shelf Track Elite to provide storage solutions so you can utilize more space and stay better organized. Once you start using our custom closet units, you’ll discover how easy it is to put things away. For more information, contact us at 770.922.5207.