Don’t underestimate the impact of adding windows to your garage door. They can increase your home’s curb appeal and value. They bring in natural light to a dark garage and make the space more welcoming and useful. They add style to the exterior and provide more character to your home.

You might not realize windows are an option if your door doesn’t already have them. But if you think about it, the garage door probably doesn’t look much different from all the other homes in your neighborhood. It’s a big, solid door that closes off that side of the house when you drive up. By adding windows, your home will stand out. It will look more open and inviting.

Doors By Mike can install windows to a new door or an existing one. Besides being functional, there are a number of features to consider such as shape, size and films.


They are sized to fit in the panels or across multiple panels. The boxed windows replace one panel at a time and the elongated windows are sized with inserts that adjust the fit with one or more panels. The square shape can be ideal for a home that already has squares and rectangles in its design. Square shapes work well for smaller, boxy homes and two-story structures. Elongated shapes work well for ranch-style homes and split-level homes.

Today’s windows also can include design inserts that add an attractive decorative touch. Generally window inserts are available in three major shapes: half circle, square and rectangle. It is suggested that you select inserts that match different architectural styles on your home.

Inserts can add arcs, section or divide windows, incorporate in a design, and more. Arched designs can help soften the look of a house. Mixing inserts is another option that can give a unique look.

Different films are also available to add a frosted, stained, textured, tinted or opaque glass for more privacy and attractiveness.


When adding windows, it is important to understand your purpose. If you are converting a garage into a work space or play area, windows can add natural light. Although inserts and films allow light to pass through them, the amount of tint and size of them can affect how much light you get. You also want to consider security. Some inserts are open frames that allow for full visibility. Others have decorative trim that create beautiful patterns and decrease what people can see in the garage.

The placement of the windows is another matter that can affect functionality. If you want added security and privacy, place the windows on the top row or add tinted or opaque panes when placing them on the third row. Although placement on the third or fourth rows is the most common, modern designs might place them in a vertical row, triangular pattern, or other layout.

If you would like to learn more about the numerous options for adding windows to your garage door, Doors By Mike can help you. We can assist with finding the right design to increase the function and appearance of your home. Come visit one of our two showrooms or call to schedule for us to meet with you at your home.