Entry Doors (Automated and Pedestrian)

Entry Doors with Durability to Handle All of Your Business’ Uses

Does your business have an entry door that never seems to close properly or is always getting stuck? Having entry doors that are unreliable can waste valuable production time and create a potential safety risk to your business, clients, and employees. Your business needs the professional appearance that a door with beauty and quality provides while also having the durability for high traffic and heavy use applications.

Doors By Mike can reduce your risks and improve your productivity with quality entry doors for a variety of standard and custom commercial entries. And we pay attention to the details so you get the door that fits your needs. We can assist you in finding the best type of door for your business based on factors such as acoustics, thermal efficiency, functionality, and budget considerations. And we furnish the hardware and access controls for a complete solution to your entry system.

Flush Metal Doors

Our line of commercial steel doors includes the frames and hardware. Using steel provides one of the highest levels of strength and stability. Besides being long lasting, these doors are great for exterior protection against theft and natural disasters because they are impact resistant and have low thermal conductivity.

Flush Wood Doors

When you want customization to fit various size entrances, wood doors offer the flexibility in construction that ensures uniformity throughout your building. Available in a variety of shapes, styles, woods, stains and paints, these doors are great alternatives for industries in locations such as office interiors where maximum security and weather are not a concern.

Aluminum Doors, Storefronts and Windows

Great for high traffic and heavy use applications, our line of aluminum entry products are available in various configurations. They are great options when you want entry doors that bring in natural light or provide maximum visibility for displays, yet are able to handle everyday use.

Accordion Doors and Walls

With unique designs that are custom-crafted to exactly fit your opening, these doors give privacy, help muffle noise, and divide space effectively with superior insulation and durability. These doors are great for when you want to reconfigure a large meeting room into smaller rooms or block out noise for such industries as daycares and restaurants.

Specialty Applications

Maintain professionalism with commercial entry doors from Doors By Mike. If you need the right door for a specialty application in your industry, call us to learn more about our products and to request a consultation.