Loading Dock Equipment

Flexible Solutions for Loading Dock Areas

Your loading docks have specific requirements in terms of function, access and security. From levelers and shifts to vehicle restraints to truck shelters and accessories, Doors By Mike can provide commercial loading equipment that maximize safety and efficiency for loading and unloading. We will evaluate your dock needs to provide a custom design that fits the application.

Dock Levelers and Lifts

We provide mechanical, hydraulic, or air powered levelers and scissor lift design systems that consider factors such as spacing, application, and capacity.

Seals, Frames and Truck Shelters

At Doors By Mike, we will design a system with equipment that protects your loading dock are from damage while adding safety features needed during the unloading process. We offer a selection of compression and L-pad style seals, and soft-sided and rigid frame shelters.

Vehicle Restraints

Our safety vehicle restraint systems include mechanical or automatic technology that confine vehicles and improve the safety of personnel working in a loading dock environment.