With the kids back in school, you have busy schedules that might not always coincide with their school hours. If you are working and have older kids that can be left home on their own, they will likely arrive there a few hours before you do. How they get there is one concern you might have, but there are also safety concerns once they arrive home.

Now that school has begun, it is a good time to take note of any safety issues you might have with your home entry and take precautions. Entries into your home can include your front and back doors, windows, and garage.

Here are 5 safety tips to protect your kids when they get home from school:

Keep the garage door closed

Close your garage door promptly after you have entered or exited it, and teach your kids to do the same. An open garage door is an unintentional invitation. It also shows potential burglars what you might be storing of interest in your garage. A savvy intruder can even get in when the garage door is only open a foot.

Monitor your home with surveillance cameras

You can position cameras at all the entryways into your home and inside the garage. And since you likely know when your kids will arrive home after school, you can verify they have gotten there safely with remote access. Simply download the app to view real-time footage directly from your device.

Have a keypad for easy access

You don’t have to worry if your kids forgot the key. They can enter through the garage with a code to the keypad. Then share with them a secret place in the garage for the key to unlock the door that enters the house. And with many apps that coordinate with the garage door openers, you can set an alarm to notify you when the garage door has opened and closed so you know the kids got home safely.

Get updated locks for your residential entry doors

If you have ever lent your key to a neighbor, friend or repair technician, are you sure you have gotten it back? Even if you did, you don’t want to worry about who might have a copy of the key to your residence. This is especially the case when you have kids coming home from school alone. Now is a good time to replace the locks with the latest security features.

Trim the bushes around your residence

Cut bushes along your home so they are compact and trim. High vegetation around a home provides a false sense of security. You might feel it gives you and your kids privacy. In reality it allows easy hiding places for an intruder to sit and wait or enter unseen through a window. Planting thorny plants beneath ground-floor windows can help deter intruders from accessing windows.

Keeping you and your family safe is a top priority. Doors By Mike can help you update locks for your entry doors, install keypads on your garage door and replace your garage door opener with updated security features. We keep current with the latest safety and security features so you can rest assured that your kids are safe when they arrive home from school. If you need assistance with installations or want to learn about other security features, contact us at 770-922-5207.