Garage spaces can be gloomy. They are often neglected and might be the most ignored space in your residence. You might enter it with the thought of getting in or out of your vehicle as soon as possible. You might use it as a catch-all storage room that has collected everything – tools, cleaning supplies, yard equipment, sporting equipment, old computers, tools, boxes, etc. You might not even be able to park your vehicles in your garage because your stuff has taken over.

If you have a gloomy garage, you can transform it into a space you will love. It can be a place you use as a workshop, playroom or parking area.

4 Tips for Converting a Gloomy Garage into an Enjoyable Space

Organize items with utility shelving

Garages too frequently become spaces of clutter or dumping grounds for bulky, rarely used and forgotten items. By removing the clutter you clear the space to make it more inviting. Get rid of waste and items you don’t need, don’t want, or are damaged. Then organize those items you plan to keep. To organize, Doors By Mike can install custom built utility shelving to suit your needs. We will work with you to design shelving units that handle the weight and size for hanging bulkier items and store other items on shelves and in cabinets. Tools and supplies can be categorized in boxes and placed on shelves to find easily. And more hazardous items such as antifreeze and oils can be put on upper shelves so they are safely out of reach from young children and pets.

Add garage windows to let in the light

From the inside, natural light can significantly transform a gloomy space into a more inviting space. It removes the shadows in the corners to make the space appear more open and larger. To help let the light in, Doors By Mike offers a number of decorative window options that can replace existing garage door panels or be installed with a new garage door. Adding windows doesn’t just make the inside more inviting. Your garage is an entrance to your residence that can appear as a large, solid barrier when driving up. That entrance appears more welcoming when you have windows instead of solid door.

Choose remote functions

When people think of adding function to their garage door, they often think of security. Many of today’s garage door openers have built-in security and other remote features. Keyless entry provides peace of mind if you forget your keys. Doors can automatically close with a sensor. Lighting can be turned on via remote access. There are also a number of cool remote features to help you feel safe and secure while you are away. Doors By Mike can install a modern garage door opener that has functions you will love. And when you feel safer and have more convenience, you will enjoy the space more.

Insulate your garage door

We all love our comforts and less worry. Insulating your garage door can help maintain the temperature and keep moistness out. It provides protection from outside elements so you have less chance that stored items will get mildewed or damaged from sitting in your garage. If you plan to improve the space as one for work or play, insulation is essential to help regulate the climate. And it helps save on heating and cooling. By making your garage for comfortable, you will enjoy using it more.

Doors By Mike can help you transform your garage so it is an organized, welcoming space that has room to do what you want to do. Maximize its purpose and make it a space you’ll love. Call us at 770.922.5207 to find out more about our utility shelving units, garage door installations and features.